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Ashiq Husain Choudhury

Feb. 17, 1990 - May 20, 1993

After the premature death of their three-year-old son, Ashiq, Salma and Afzal Husain Choudhury began this non-profit organization in 1994 to combat their grief and to help families from low socio-economic backgrounds who go through the same ordeal. ASHIC stands for A Shelter for Helpless Ill Children and is an acronym for their young son who lives on in the people they help.

Centered in Bangladesh, ASHIC focuses on addressing the deficient medical services for childhood cancer. Since it started more than 25 years ago, ASHIC is now known as a center of excellence for pediatric cancer in South Asia and has touched the lives of thousands of children. There has been a significant increase in the survival rate for terminally ill children in Bangladesh, as well as an overall improvement in their quality of life.

The Foundation is still run by the Choudhury family, with corporate administrative costs borne by the family such that all donations support program costs.

You can find more information on the organization's website at: or on our ASHIC Programs page.  You can also find ASHIC on facebook.

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Founding Family
ASHIC Program Highlights


ASHIC Palliative Care Unit


ASHIC Support-A-Life

ASHIC Treat-A-Child

ASHIC Mobile Palliative

Care Clinic

$500/ month

funds a palliative bed, with access to medical staff 24/7

family support.png



ASHIC Shelter


ASHIC Parents Support Group

$100/ month

funds operating costs of 1 Bed at the ashic shelter, offering accommodation, food & other serivces




ASHIC Patient Sevices

ASHIC Somobyathi

ASHIC Outing Program

ASHIC Play Center

$200/ month

funds operating costs of ashic play center + new toys



Raise Social Awareness

International Collaborations

Public Policy Advocacy

$100/ month

funds all pr expenses of ashic advocacy programs

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