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ASHIC: Kids for Love Campaign

Smiles despite the pain

Welcome to the ASHIC: Kids for Love Campaign website! Growing up, I frequently visited my home country of Bangladesh. December of 2018 was the last time I visited ASHIC's Palliative Care Unit ("PCU"). I met with a couple of kids there and, like many times before, my mom told me that they weren't going to be with us for much longer. 2018 was the first time I was old enough to absorb the graveness of the situation for the kids in that building, and also when I truly began appreciating my grandparents' work. I wanted to help out, and increase awareness so more people could understand what I understood when I last visited the PCU. I wish to help grow the worldwide incentive to help kids with cancer.

I am a self-taught artist who has taken drawing seriously for a few years now. I have cycled through many other hobbies and interests but this pastime and skill is the one thing that has been my constant. I have a deep love for and dedication to the craft, and I wanted to find a way to marry this passion of mine with a project under ASHIC foundation. So, I launched this campaign during my freshman year of high school.

My future vision for this campaign is to make it an annual project that my team of peers can grow with. I plan to keep entries open all year and publish them to this website every May 20th, which is my late Ashiq Mamu's death anniversary.

I want to give a huge thank you to the team of people who worked on this project with me. I'm grateful for the editorial team, for the other Saira, Ruhani, Via (Anvita), and Arushi for their massive contribution to the written content of this website. I'm thankful for Kai (Katherine) for helping out in assembling the gallery on Wix. I'm appreciative of my good friend Ethan, who stepped up and took a lot of time to help out with many aspects of the 2020 campaign. Above all, I'm grateful to my mom, who took hours out of her busy work days to help me pull this project together.

"It's for a good cause," a couple of my friends say. They're right. This is for a good cause, and this campaign is something that I am proud to introduce to you.

With love,



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